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    OPL Manager Guide

    Please read everything carefully and follow the Rules

    • This tutorial is for the HDD/USB loading!!
    • This Guide is for the cover/disk art to load, and not just the I.D/Name.

    • Folder/s Instructions
    • Use all "UPPERCASE" when naming the folders.
    • Make a Folder In C:\, and name it PS2.
    • Now make a folder in the PS2 Folder , and name it OPL
    • You Must make Four other Folder's named ART, CD, DVD, CFG .
    • Make sure to put all Four Folders" into the OPL folder.
    • Example:C:\PS2\OPL\ART,DVD,CD,CFG
    • You will need to put the CD ISO into the CD folder and the DVD ISo Into the DVD folder.

    • Renaming/I.D'ing Your Game.
    • Download Fixiso and extract it.
    • Now go to where you extracted Fixiso.
    • Locate all the ps2 games you have and put them in the same folder as Fixiso...
    • Just the "ISO"..Example: C:/Fixiso/GTA4.Iso.
    • Now double click the "Fixiso".exe file.
    • It will automatically find the right Id Number for said Game.
      DOne, move on to next part.

    • OPL Manager Part.
    • Now that you have the right ID for your game...
    • Download "OPL Manager V12" or OPL Manager V1.7
    • Extract and open OPL Manager.V12/OPL Manager V1.7
    • Now Manually enter the location of your PS2\OPL folders
    • Go to OPl Manager and go to "Settings"
    • It will ask if you want to enter the location manually, 'Press The Yes Key".
    • Example;C:\PS2\OPL
    • Now when you open OPL, you will see your games.
    • Now you just hit the "Download Cover/Disk", and wait for them to download.
    • Note:You might have to right click on the OPLV12 App and Run as Admin, for it to work properly.
      Done .

    • The below is all done on the PS2 Console.

    • Now to get the HDD partitioned...
    • Power on your PS2 and go launch, UlaunchELF
    • Now go to FileBrowser, than go to MISC
    • And finally go to HDDManager.
    • Press R1 on the Controller.
    • Press the O Button to Create Partition.
    • Name the partition OPL (UPPERCASE) and go down and press ok....
    • I made my Partition 256MB...Shouldn't need much more.
    • Now go to the PS2\opl\Art folder and copy the Art folder over to a fat formatted usb stick.
    • Now transfer the Art folder from the usb to the OPL folder on the HDD0.
    • Go to ULaunchELF and load it.
    • Go to FileBrowser, Go to Mass...
    • Hover over the ART Folder and press R1.
    • Now go to copy and press the Triangle button to go back.
    • Now go to HDD0 and go down to your +OPL folder & click O.k..
    • Now you want to hit R1 and paste the folder.
    • Now you are done. Enjoy.
    • From here on in , all you have to do is copy from Mass Art folder to the HDD0 Art folder.


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    OPL Manager has been updated since I posted this Tut..

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    Can you repost the info?


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