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Thread: Problems with WiiRadio for Homebrew. Maybe you can help...

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    Problems with WiiRadio for Homebrew. Maybe you can help...


    1. WiiRadio only seems to work with the Icecast option on, and not with the Shoutcast option.

    But the bigger problem I'm having (and maybe you can test this out by downloading Wii Radio with the Homebrew Browser) is....

    When i load WiiRadio, the first channel I always listen to works, but then if I try to change channels, it fails. Even going to the settings and clicking on "restart net" does nothing. The only way I can fix it is by exiting to the Homebrew loader and re-loading WiiRadio.

    This is a total pain in the a**.

    Does anyone know why this continually happens? Is there a way to fix it?

    Also a 3rd thing... Why doesn't Wii Radio display song titles / artists when a song is playing? That would be nice.



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    Never even heard of this homebrew app, much less tried it.

    I don't think that you will get much help on this from us, unless someone happens to know this app.

    You may have better luck trying to contact the developer of this homebrew, if that person is even still actively developing it.
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    Download link is on right side of page, or you can download it in homebrew browser under the media section.

    I searched for contact info for the developers. I tried emailing, because on one site it said "scanff at yahoo," but I never heard back.

    update: I also found a post from the developer in a forum from 4 years ago, and replied to that thread. But who knows if he will see that reply...


    ps: I also have a cool forwarder for WiiRadio if you want to have it as a channel.
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