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Thread: Newbie here w/ hard modded wii and wanting to install some nes roms.

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    Us Newbie here w/ hard modded wii and wanting to install some nes roms.


    Bought a wii several ions ago, and had it hard modded running version 4.2u w/ the what was new then a D2C key. probably obsolete now im sure.

    Anyway, I decided to play on it today and it looks like I havent paid very much attention to it. Only roms I had present were a couple NES games like mario 3, Mike Tysons punch out, and metroid. Along w/ a cd case of several burned games.

    I know how to copy games into an ISO format and play them straight from the disc, and I dont quite remember exactly how I even got the few NES roms I have on there to work.

    What I'm trying to do now is setup my wii to play all NES, SNES, SEGA, and whatever else the wii is capable of doing. I've seen some people have netflix, and other apps on their home screens and I would like to get all of that too.

    So, I've installed homebrew for 4.2u using the bomberbanner today, along w/ several other apps using this handy dandy guide line found here:

    If anyone can point me into the direction of installing NES,SNES roms, etc. that would be wonderful.

    I've got a couple .snes and .nes files i've downloaded but unsure again how I got these to work years ago.

    thanks in advance


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