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Thread: Wasabi DX

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    Wasabi DX

    * Plug and play installation on DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2, D2E, epoxy D2E and D2nothing/D3 drives
    * Fully upgradable from DVD
    * Configuration Disc
    * 16Mbit embedded Flash memory for firmware usage
    * Recovery mode
    * JTAG connector

    Full feature list will be available soon. Wasabi DX is the first and only fully universal, plug and play and upgradable solution available for your Wii ! Like any other D2nothing/D3 solution, and unlike Wasabi Zero, read drive speed is currently limited to 3X.

    Soon to be released, stay tuned!

    sounds good, cant wait to hear more ;3

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    i wonder what is the cost

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    my money is on 100 usd =x

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    itll be around the same price as the drivekey Id imagine. Hopefully we will see this soon as well, though I am liking the drivekey a lot
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    i think slightly more than the drivekey like wasabi always does slightly more *why no one buy from them =P* but i do think the Wasabi DX will be a nice chip


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