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Thread: Have an unknown modded wii with black system menu... help?

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    Have an unknown modded wii with black screen wii settings... help?

    Hey guys,

    I tried to find other threads regarding this topic but couldn't. I have a wii that was modded but doesn't have an sd card. It plays several of the burned games that it came with and some official wii games. I want to start playing online with COD but any time I click on the wii settings button, it just takes me to a black screen so I cannot adjust the internet. I don't know what version my system menu is for that reason either. There's no homebrew or other type of channel either. I want to completely remod the wii to a newer version but don't know where to start. I tried the softmod any wii thread but get lost as soon as it asks to launch the hackmii installer.

    Can anyone help??

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    After reading a little more, it seems as though I have a "semi-brick" as my games work but the wii settings menu does not load. How can I fix this without knowing anything about the mod that I have or system menu that I have?

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    Power on your Wii and immediately hold the reset button before it ever loads/boots. Continue to hold it for several seconds. Does either Priiloader or Preloader menu appear?

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