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Thread: Help getting a wavebird controller to work with Nintendont on a wii u

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    Help getting a wavebird controller to work with Nintendont on a wii u

    I've managed to get my gamecube games working on my wii u via installing Nintendont on the homebrew channel on the Vwii however it only allows for wired controllers. I have a wired controller but i would so much rather use my wavebird. I know a little about wii modding but well and truly wouldn't call myself knowledgeable on the issue. I installed Nintendont after watching this video


    I purchased the Mayflash 3-in-1 Magic Joy Box adapter in the hope that because that was connected to the console via usb it would allow me to use my wavebird controller however that didn't work. I was hoping that because the adaptor itself is connected to the console then it would be more semi-wireless instead of wireless and would work. To cut to the chase if you watch that vid there it explains something about .ini files and that they are what makes a controller or adapter compatible with Nintendont. I know about as much when it comes to writing computer code as i do about modelling so can someone who knows about that stuff please atleast try to create an .ini file to allow the wavebird to work with the Magic Joy Box. I would be very appreciative. Cheers.
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