i was over there talking to them.... again *god their so childish*

they said their reason for doing this...
more or less "i'm not god, and i dont have the right to ban/infract for a person asking a question.." *even if it violates what we stand for, and the fact fae did infact put in ZERO effort...*

the ironic thing being, they say i have to say im sorry, for something so stupid, and has no logic in being sorry for... but they have the right to spam the forum, and demand that we go by the same standards that they believe in *because this is nothing next to a minor infraction =P*

they did get me to say im sorry, VIA editing my posts =P *it had proper english so its good proof that i didnt type it xD*

in the end "http://rune-fusion.net/" gave up the right, over risking their image =\ so if you see them back please report them!