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Thread: Where are the games?

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    Where are the games?

    Please help
    Finished all the steps, Apps installed, everything look good, What Next?
    where i can find the games????? Can the games run by SD card?


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    Your post is profoundly lacking. Finished all steps of what? I'm hoping that's the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide you're speaking of. If you've read the guide, you'd know a USB compatible device is required (along with proper formatting). Games don't magically appear. Load up USB Loader GX and insert your retail game and it should --- if correctly followed and configured --- offer to install it to your device.

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    I take all my games that I own and put them into the drive and use CFG loaders install game feature which then installs the game to my USB hard drive. I then put the game back into the slipcase and put it on my bookshelf and play the games off my hard drive and don't put any wear and tear on the dvd mechanism on my Wii.

    You won't be able to install many games to an SD card. Just use your external usb hard drive for storing your store bought retail games.

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    Gamestop lol.

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    Gamestop lol.

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