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Thread: How to play Wii games online now that the official servers are gone.

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    [GUIDE] How to play Wii games online using the custom server Wiimmfi


    This is my first time writing any kind of guide. I did my best to make everything as simple as I could. If anything needs further explanation or if there are any other kind of improvements you think need to be made, please let me know. I would be happy to receive constructive criticism on this. Thank you.


    As most of you know, as of May 20th, 2014 Nintendo has shutdown it's servers for the Wii. What this means is games like Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl are no longer able to go online and play other people. Lucky for us, a user know as Wimm (along with the help of many others) started analyzing the network traffic of games that were played online. And from that information, they were able to create the custom server know as Wiimmfi. You can see the status of the server and what games are compatible here. This guide is going to show you what's needed for you to get back online and continue to play the games you love.


    A brief summary of what is needed to be done is: softmod your wii, update USB Loader GX, format your USB drive to FAT32, rip your game and transfer it to your computer, patch your game and transfer back to your Wii, register your friend code with the Wiimmfi server and finally connect to the Wiimmfi server and play online.


    This guide is based off the assumption that you have softmodded your Wii using the Softmod Any Wii Guide and have a compatible USB drive formatted to FAT32. Click on the links to go to the respective guides and follow them from beginning to end. Once complete you can continue on with this guide.

    Chapter 1:

    Now you have a fully softmodded Wii with some of the more popular apps already installed. For the purposes of this guide, I am going to be using USB Loader GX. USB Loader GX has gone through several updates since the last revision of the Softmod Any Wii Guide. The process for updating is simple. Download the latest version (which as of 8/4/14 is r1230) here. Extract the archive and you will see 3 folders. r1230_IOS222, r1230_IOS249 and r1230_IOS250.


    If you followed the Softmod Any Wii Guide above then you are going to want r1230_IOS249. Open that folder up and you will see 4 files. Copy all but the boot.elf file over to your SD card under apps, usbloader_gx and over write the 3 files that are already there.


    You have just updated USB Loader GX. All future updates from this point on can be updated from within USB Loader GX itself.
    (Note: An explanation for the different USB Loader GX versions can be found here. Also, a list of troublesome games which may need the other versions to work can be found here.)

    Chapter 2:

    To patch Mario Kart Wii

    To patch any other Wii game

    Chapter 3:

    If you've never played online before or you are starting with a brand new game save then you can skip this step as the Wiimmfi server will generate you a new Friend Code for you. But if you already have a friend code from the Nintendo Wi-Fi servers and want to keep your current game save, then you are going to have to register that friend code with the servers first. To do that you need to download the wiipid extractor from here. Once downloaded, extract the file to the apps folder on your SD card. Now load up the wiipid extractor through the Homebrew Channel and it will scan through all your game saves on your Wii and upload your friend codes and other needed information to the Wiimmfi server. Please note that it could take 24 hours before your friend code is added to the server.

    Chapter 4:

    Once all of this is done, you can now load up USB Loader GX and load up your game. Your game should load up and play as it always did. The only difference is when you go online, you will now be connecting to the Wiimmfi server. You can see the status of the server and see how many people are online and what games they are playing by clicking here.

    Final Notes:

    The creators of the Wiimmfi server have done so with their own time and money and have done this so we could all enjoy playing the games we love online again. This is their server and it is a privilege that they are allowing us to use it. As such please respect it and don't do anything that will ruin the online experience for anyone. Some words of warning while playing on the Wiimmfi server. They have instated a very strict banning policy. There are no second chances to this so if you are banned there is no way to get back on unless you go out and buy another Wii. Here are some things you shouldn't do. Do not use any cheats. Do not use any MAC changers. Do not use anyone else's Nand but your own. Do not use a game you downloaded off the internet. Aside from the whole piracy aspect of it there have been copies of games floating around that have had cheats permanently patched to them without the user knowing and people got banned. As long as you created your patched games the way I described in this guide, you shouldn't have any problems. Bottom line, use common sense and have fun.


    Wiimmfi Homepage:
    Wiimmfi Server Forum:
    Wiimmfi Patcher for any game Forum:
    Wiimmfi Patcher for Mario Kart Wii Forum:
    Wiipid Exctractor Forum:
    Banning Policy Forum:
    Possible Error Codes:
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