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Thread: How do I finish unmodding my Wii?

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    How do I finish unmodding my Wii?

    I just got a Wii that was modded by the previous owner. They supposedly removed everything but it wont take updates (error 32004). HBC and bootmii are both gone but priiloader is still installed. Priiloader shows update block is already disabled. How can I clean it out or restore it to factory condition so it will take updates again? I already have a modded wii but want this one to be factory as I plan on giving it to a family member. I've looked at several tutorials but all seem to require HBC be installed before cleaning. Is that necessary? Any ideas?

    Wii Model - RVL-001 (USA)
    Firmware - 4.1u
    priiloader - v0.4 (r78)

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    It is necessary for what? What do you think you'll accomplish or gain? In other words, for what purpose are you attempting to "unmod" your Wii? Your answers will determine the best solution offered.


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