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Thread: Homebrew on 5.0.0

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    Homebrew on 5.0.0


    I have a Wii u 5.0.0

    Can i install the Homebrew as described, for example, here:

    External Link Removed

    I have this doubt because all explanations are previous of 5.0.0

    Thank you

    I apologize for being a repeat post

    But initially placed in the wrong section ....
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    Please review the rules that you accepted this morning. It clearly states that linking of external guides are not allowed. It also said cross-posting multiple times isn't accepted. The reason your posts weren't showing up was due to the link you tried to supply, your posts were auto-moderated.

    We have a guide to mod the "Wii Mode" side of a "Wii U" (also known as "vWii" or "Virtual Wii").

    A link to that guide exists in my signature.

    As far as I recall, no Wii U update has messed with the vWii side of the system since it launched. So no update has blocked someone from modding it and no updated has removed a previously installed mod.

    For more information, ask questions in the guide's thread after reading it a few times.
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    Thank you,

    Apologies for the errors


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