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Thread: Wrong IOS configuration?

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    Smile Wrong IOS configuration?

    Hi everyone,

    I need a bit of help to breath new life into my wii (2006). It has slowly decayed with less and less games working (with DVD cannot be read messages, and issues starting with dual layers) to the point of nothing actually functioning. I tried changing the diodes and even the dvd player, but with limited benefits (the new diode lasted only several month, same with the dvd change).

    0) Anyone with an idea of a solution on the hardware side? Could it be the power adapter or the motherboard fading ?

    1) This website already helped me: I followed religiously the tutorials (3 time already...), and was able backup all my games. Where I am failing now is playing them from the hard drive. Paper mario works, but it is the only game of the lot. I think I messed up something, maybe because my wii was softmoded before. I followed the tutorial several time, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong here... I am putting below the syscheck.
    I have:
    4.3E, priiloader and other normally from the tutorials present here.
    USBloader starts well, but trying to load games from the hard drive (or two other drives, or several USB) leads to a black screen, except for paper mario working fine.
    The drives I tested where formatted in WBFS. I made the mistake of starting with this format. Should I move to FAT32 ?

    Any advice would be appreciated!
    Thanks for any help!



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    Your mod is incomplete. Your 249 (among others, but 249 is the one mostly used with homebrew) is stubbed out.

    Remod your system with softmod Any Wii guide, and see if that alone helps you get your games to work.

    If not, check our FAT32 guide for tips on how we recommend you format and install content to the hard drive.

    Links to both guides are in my signature.
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    Download the latest:
    Latest Loaders CFG v70r65
    GX r1226
    WiiFlow 4.2.1
    Other downloads DM/DML 2.11

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    So I made several times a mistake on the way... Good to have that confirmation.
    Thanks a lot for the help (and sorry for what I feel is stupidity, how can I mess up with such nice tutorials), I will look at that!

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    A bit of experimenting later:
    This is the new syscheck after reinstalling the IOS.
    I am still not able to load many game. I can see them in the menu with USB loader 3120, sometime with a black screen, sometime with the proper screen, but loading them generates crashes generally just after.


    On a side note, one of my USB port seems to be dead, so it could be an hardware issue....

    Thanks for any help!

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    I think the only usb port that works properly most of the time is the one closest to the edge of the Wii. The other usb port isn't supported most of the time from what I have seen and read.

    Have you tried CFG Loader? Or Wii Flow? I know that on my 2 Wiis, I can't play games with USB Loader GX, I get a black screen after i try launching the game. I use CFG loader and the games load fine. Wii Flow also works.

    I would copy all of your WBFS game folders to your computer and reformat the external drive as FAT32 and copy the WBFS games to the WBFS folder on the external drive and try that as well.

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    Many many thanks for the advices. I am starting to suspect the hard drives: I tried in WBFS and FAT32 with USBLoader, USB CFG and Wiiflow. In the end I have realized that it seems to be a question of the size of the games to load. The smallest ones ( < 1Gb, like paper mario, wii sports resort...) work, the rest fails miserably. I have a Lacie Quadra 500gb and a Seagate and I tried both of them in both WBFS and Fat32.

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    A follow up: I borrowed someone else wii to understand what was going on. At the end of the day, it seems I can play his copy of Mario Kart, but not my own backup (or a large number of them). I suspect it is because I started to do the back up with USB Loader when my DVD drive was starting to give trouble. It may have said 100% each time, but the backup obtained were wrong in fact. I will do a new round of backup of my disks from my friend's fully functional wii.
    Thanks for the help!

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    If the drive is electrically alive (so the system sees it), you'd be OK if the discs were ripped to FAT32 USB HD using your friend's Wii. If your Wii's DVD drive is electrically dead, it will not load regardless of loader. The DVD mechanism has to electrically function in order to use your Wii.


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