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Thread: Need help to play naruto gamecube game using Dios Mios

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    Need help to play naruto gamecube game using Dios Mios

    I NEED to launch "Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4" using the "gamecube disc method" (meaning there must be a gamecube disc in the wii for the iso to run). The problem is I cant find a way to run it this way. I'm using dios mios lite 2.11 and the ISO is on an sd card. I tried all the boot method settings["Old","New(DM2.0-)","New(DM2.1+)"] in GCloader but it keeps loading the ISO fine with or without a gamecube disc in the wii. Ive spent hours searching the internet for solutions.
    Any help or suggestions please?

    I read that to run this game you have to eject the disc at the title menu and put it back in. I tried but the game keeps crashing when I press start
    *Side note: I do not own the physical disc copy of this game

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    WiiHacks does not support piracy, therefor no help can be offered.

    Please buy your games.

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