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Thread: how to update to OLD SOFTMOD TO NEW SOFTMOD

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    how to update to OLD SOFTMOD TO NEW SOFTMOD


    I softmod my WII about 6 years back since then I never bothered to update or do anything with softmomd or try to update softmod. My kids were using old games through harddisk.

    Its been ages I was thinking to play new games and need to update and I really have no clue where to start-off and I forgot what steps I took to softmod.

    Please guide what steps, I need to take:
    1. update WII to latest or whatever version I can do softmod.
    2. How to update the older version of softmod to latest softmod.

    I had everything installed for softmod everything is working fine without any issue.

    Any pointer..please..


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    Just follow the softmod any wii guide

    Softmod any wii guide


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