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Thread: Force NTSC system menus

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    Force NTSC system menus

    I have a PAL white wii (release model) which i've brought overseas with me. Unfortunately the TV in my apartment is NTSC only. I've already softmodded the Wii with CIOS, DIOSMIOS, homebrew channel and installed bootmii as boot2 and backed up the NAND just in case anything went wrong. So far its working well.

    Since i can now force my gamecube and wii games into NTSC, thats the biggest problem solved. However I cant enjoy any other wii or homebrew features since they are all in black and white due to PAL signal.

    Is there anyway to force the wii itself into NTSC or at least homebrew? If i update the firmware to USA/Japan from what i have read it will brick. I have tried to force bootmii into NTSC which worked but didnt carry over when i launched homebrew. Aside from getting a new TV is there anything else i could try?

    Additional Info: My Wii is running 4.3E D2X cIOS v10 beta52
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    Thanks for that cjizzle, didn't come up in the searches I did. I had a few problems with my current set up so i just softmodded it again using the link in the guide, now its working perfectly in NTSC!

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