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Thread: I Need of help with Wii

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    I Need of help with Wii

    Hello there peoples,
    I'm in need of some information on the system...
    I apparently cant play several titles of my GC games...
    I'm using DIOSMIOS 2.10
    All games load fine but the issue is the GC controller tends to stop responding for some titles
    I was planning to play some LOZ Twilight Princess
    I tested my controller on VC games and WII GC control compatible games and all work fine
    everything is on a hard drive.... and it was working fine the other day...
    so anyone know whats up?

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    Never had the problem that the game loads but the controllers don't do anything.

    Have you tried with other controllers to make sure the one you have didn't fail?
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    fortunately my gf has twilight princess and the controller is responding,
    the twilight princess in my hard drive is unresponsive
    I also tried resident evil archives and it also is unresponsive...
    well im in wtf now.. :/

    well heres my update,
    I plugged in my Gc memory card and everything works fine now... apparently :/
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