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Thread: remove mods, update, and mod wii again?

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    remove mods, update, and mod wii again?

    theres a few games i have, that when played, say something like, you need an update to play that. like for example, mw3, sometimes it will say that when i try joining others' lobbies. Is there a way i could update the games without updating my wii, or do i have to update the wii? if i do that, is it safe to do? I found a guide on here, but i want to make sure theres nothing else i can do before i resort to that.
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    You can update the game without updating the system. It's as simple as following the games prompts when you try to join a game. I've done this myself and it worked just fine.

    The only updating you should avoid is updating the system itself via the settings menu.

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    A game update is safe to do, it's just like downloading a virtual console game from Wii Shop.

    Though if you don't have access to Wii Shop, telling you that you have to update the system, then you will need to update your mod in order to get Wii Shop to work. There is a stand-alone guide to updating Wii Shop to v21, but if you're behind in that, you may be behind in other areas, so doing a full remod isn't a bad idea. Softmod Any Wii guide will fix you up, as long as you install the Wii Shop update in Chapter 2 that it says is optional.

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