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Thread: Issues with my soft-mod. Re-install?

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    Issues with my soft-mod. Re-install?

    Hello guys! Here is my scenario:

    Quite long ago i bought a softmoded Wii. Today I pretty much only use it to play Project M.
    Anyways, recently when i tried to start the Wii, i got this error message:
    Attachment 4826

    Nope, I haven't updated/changed ANYTHING recently. I was just gonna play as usually, and I ended up with this. I searched for a similar issue on the forum, and what I found didn't make much sense to me. Now the thing is that I don't really know to much about soft-modding since I didn't do it myself(bought it soft-modded, as mentioned earlier.). If there isn't a quick-fix for this issue out there, I was wondering if there would be any issues if I somehow reset the entire thing and re-installed the entire soft-mod anew? I think it would be a great experience for me.

    I got a backup of two files called:

    ...if these two would somehow help me out.

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    ^Read in its entirety three times before you do anything, should answer your question. The attachment is invalid and cannot be viewed in your post.

    "Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"


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