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Thread: I have no idea what to do.

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    I have no idea what to do.

    My wii has been boxed up for a few years now because i gave up trying to fix it.

    The only thing i can load into is priiloader v0.7 (r138)
    Trying to load into system menu just ends up with a black screen
    Trying to load HBC i get the error: Error automating HBC, maybe title not installed?
    and lastly
    Trying to load boots IOS i get the error: Could not find fat:/bootmii/armboot.bin

    Too be honest the last time i was on the forums was in 2011, i just wanna get this thing virginized so i can try and sell it.
    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Well, if you had asked first before blowing things up, we would have told you it's best to just mask the fact that it's modded vs. actually trying to remove it. If the person you sell it to doesn't know what to look for, they will never know it was modded. If they do know what to look for, they would likely be pleasantly surprised.

    This might work, but as long as you can access Priiloader, go through the SoftMod Any Wii guide, but instead of launching apps from HBC when indicated, access the app directly from Priiloader to launch it, start at the point where it says for systems that already have HBC installed and go from there.

    Each time it asks you to load a new app, do it from Priiloader instead of HBC. Go through it and install everything, even if it says it's optional: Mod Pack, IOS Update, Shop Channel v21, etc. When you get to installing Menu 4.1, do so to get a clean menu installed, which will then uninstall priiloader. Then re-install priiloader in case something else goes wrong, you have a place to start from again.

    If all this works, and you are able to get the system up and running again, then you can use the Data Management of Wii Menu to delete HBC, and then (while I don't often say this as it does have a small chance of bricking) disable the "block updates" from Priiloader if they are enabled and perform the 4.3 system update to install a clean 4.3, without Priiloader. This will then remove a good number of cIOSs, and will give the impression that it is a clean system, and will run any software that they can throw at it, and if they perform a system update, it will successfully tell them it is up to date (leaving "block updates" enabled will throw an error and they will probably panic at that point.

    Hope that all works out for you. The link to the guide is in my signature.

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