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Thread: The ol' USB Loader issue...

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    Angry The ol' USB Loader issue...

    The main issue I have here is a simple one, one that is all over the place:
    USB Loader GX refuses to recognise my USB flash drive - Wat do?
    Though my problem is a tiny bit more complex than that, and this is why...

    I softmodded my Wii ages ago, got the homebrew stuff functioning and blah-de-blah, getting to the point where I could play backed up games with only a tiny bit of hassle from the interface after a while of fiddling with everything, and all was good.

    Though I took a break from the Wii to pursue other things, and over that span of about a year and a half I had since formatted the Flash drive that I initially used to put all of my games on for use with my Xbox 360, so when I recently decided to come back and play the Wii, I had to re-format the drive and fiddle around with it until WBFS Manager would allow me to plonk games onto it again.

    Once again, this was all working well, and my flash drive now has SSBB on it.

    But when I load up USB Loader GX, the initial loading text shows that it has apparently initialized the USB drive and whatnot (As putting it in the other port results in a countdown.) so it clearly knows that the drive is there.

    Just as soon as the splash screen comes up, I'm greeted with the error: usb device not found switching to channel list mode

    How is it that a Flash drive that the loader has clearly noticed as it wouldn't load up otherwise, and has worked previously with barely any resistance, has now all of a sudden refused to work.

    I've searched high and low for this, and the errors are usually from first-timers, people who are still trying to get the bloody thing to function in the first place, but I managed that at one point, and now it suddenly doesn't want to work...

    I want to know if I'm missing something, maybe I've forgotten a key element, should my Flash drive have something on it before I put it in the Wii? What am I missing?

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    Its kind of tough to try to support an old mod along with an old format for drives that is no longer the standard. Its kind of like trying to get help on an old driver for someone's PC that is still running Windows 98. Possible? Probably. May be better though to just get your stuff up to speed and go from there.

    That being said, follow the Softmod ANY Wii Guide linked below in my sig, then follow our FAT32 Guide for formatting and loading games to your flash drive.

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