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    hi im new here
    my wii is already softmodded but havnt used it for years so decided to upate things and having trouble
    for one i cant connect to the wifif, tried for over 4 hours now
    gave up on that
    need to update hobrechannel first

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    Check our Softmod Any Wii guide and follow it. You can completely remod your system on top of its current state without having the Wii attached to the Internet.

    A link to the guide is in my signature, in addition to other guides that may be of interest.
    [spoiler=Click Below for recommended Links]

    Download the latest:
    Latest Loaders CFG v70r65
    GX r1226
    WiiFlow 4.2.1
    Other downloads DM/DML 2.11

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    thanks, that entire guide fixed everything + more (well except the wifi issue, havnt tried wifi yet)

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