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Thread: Rename Wii Games

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    Rename Wii Games

    I've searched the options screens on WiiFlow for some way to rename the games in my list and tried changing the games folder name in my /wbfs folder but can't get the games title to change.

    EXAMPLE: After I backed up Super Mario Galaxy, the name always shows as SUPER MARIO GALAXY.

    I have had no problems with anything since I first tried softmodding other than a couple games won't show up on WiiFlow but show up on other loaders, but that's another different question.

    How do I change the title of the game so that it reads the way I want it to??
    WiiFlow 4.1-r436 (if that matters)
    Homebrew 1.1.2 IOS58 v24.32

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    There should be a file called wiitdb.xml in one of the WiiFlow folders, you need to edit it to change the names of your games.

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