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Thread: CFG loader issue & other questions

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    CFG loader issue & other questions

    Hi guys! Im new to the forum but have been creeping for quite a while. I softmodded my wii 4.3U back in december, just figured it out by googling my buns off for many many hours, and it works fine. But - I do have a weird issue, and its been this way since I modded it. I didnt worry about it much because it is playable but now its just annoying me that i cant seem to fix it! I have CFG and Uloader installed, when I first start my wii, if I go to CFG it will just hang on the screen. If I open thru Uloader, it will open my HD games fine, but I just hate the layout of it. Once I have opened Uloader once, I can go thru CFG and it will load up fine. But once I turn the wii off, I have to do these steps again. What could be causing this? Also, I am afraid to do much since everything actually I thought about trying wiiflow but I don't know. Can I get rid of a loader and start using another? I tried GX and I couldnt get it to work. I have Priiloader and BootMii, but I cant remember exactly what I did, and am hoping I did it right.

    Also, how can I get channels for my usb games, that goes directly to the ones I play alot? I have tried before to no avail, I even tried creating my own channels. Ive also tried and tried installing the internet channel with different wads, but none of them work. Any help is appreciated!

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    I have this problem with CFG sometimes when the hard drive has been shut off. It fails to mount the first time, but powering off the Wii and turning it back on again before the hard drive powers down, it comes up just fine the second time.

    Not sure if there's anything you can do to fix this other than find a way for the hard drive to never power down, but do you really want that?

    It's just sort of something I've learned to live with, since I use the Wii so infrequently as of late. Though I did just start a new play though of Super Paper Mario. Never finished that one, so I hope to be able to finish it this time. I'm about half way through.

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