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Thread: 4 Old Bricked Wii

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    4 Old Bricked Wii

    OK I received 4 bricked wii from the store I have been working at. 2 of which at this point I can not do anything with Black Screen but two of them do have Boot2 when SD card is inserted. So I have have tried NAND formatter, it worked on one but the other I used the NAND Formatter work til I installed the update from New Super Mario Wii just went black from there and could format again, the formatter froze at "ALL DONE". So I tried Cboot2 + Wad Manager 1.5 MOD that I had to find else where since the link is dead and B.L.I.N.D. both couldn't get past the loading DOL (Frozen). So what should I try or do from here? Any thing I could try for the other 2 Wiis, NO BOOT2 with those two. Any help would be great!

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    Build new nands with giantpunes nand.bin formater.

    Just load bootmii and make a backup nand of bricked wii. Open nand.bin with ohneswanzeneger. Format the nand.bin install system menu 4.3(uejk), enter serial number for wii. The check nand with nandbincheck
    nandbincheck nand.bin -all -vvv
    Then restore nand via bootmii.

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