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Thread: Softmod Wii U?

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    Softmod Wii U?

    Is there any news about someone coming close to softmodding Wii U for running normal games? Wii U has been out on the market for a long time now so someone should have some progress on this?
    How long did it take for old Wii to get softmodded?

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    There is a HW device that is supposed to be coming out soon called the Wiikey U. They are taking pre-orders.

    There is also talk that some hackers have done something that hasn't been publicly released but it seems like that kind of talk always's meaningless unless a hack is actually released. I have even heard the latest 5.0 system update may fix a browser vulnerability that could possible be used as an exploit in the future. It is hard as hell not to update you Wii U if it's connected to the internet tries to force you to update but there is a work around of quick booting to Wii mode (hold B on gamepad when powering ON) and then going back to Wii U mode.

    I don't know about when the Wii first got hacked....I think the Twilight Princess hack was the first and I think that was an exploit carried over from gamecube? Maybe I'm wrong. I also want to say that HW mods helped push forward the development of softmods.
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    I just keep mine up to date, until there's a Wii U Homebrew scene I'm not that interested in keeping it out of date. Who knows if the Wii U will ever be publicly moddable anyway? At least we can do vWii mode. Nintendo doesn't appear to care that people are modding the vWii.

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