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Thread: Usb Loader gx saving to wii and not to emuNAND

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    Question *FIXED*Usb Loader gx saving to wii and not to emuNAND*FIXED*

    I recently added a partition to my HDD, trying to get GC games to work(turns out I don't have a compatible HDD for GC games :/(I haven't tried Nentendont yet). So I boot up my Wii tonight after a long break from it. When I try to load my saved games they are not there! After some looking around I find that USB Loader is saving my save game files to my Wii and not my emuNAND(I tested it with a game I never played). I figure its something to do with the paths. So i fix all my paths to work with the new partitions(all my games and NAND are saved to USB2 now). I try it again and still nothing. SaveManager GX shows all my saves in the emuNAND(after changing to the new paths). I can't seem to get USB Loader to access my emuNAND game save files even after changing all the paths to the correct folder. Strangely enough though, all my VC games that are saved to my emuNAND show up.

    Any help with this would be fantastic. I REALLY dont want to start my games over and my Wii memory is full so I can't really have save files for my 150+ games on it.

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys(and gals) can give me.
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    OK so the problem was when I created a new partition, my partition that the emuNAND was saved on was set as a Logical Partition. Changed it to a Primary Partition and its working like a charm! I'll leave this post up just in case someone else gets this problem.

    Happy Gaming!

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