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Thread: final fantasy echos of time (now with online review!)

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    final fantasy echos of time (now with online review!)

    yays, got both DS and WII games a little before it comes out *still not out in japan* so heres my review ;3

    Controls: 6/10
    the game uses, 2 screens on the wii, and DS.. but thats not too bad, the game is straight froward, 1 button attacks, 1 is magic, 1 is jump, and 1 is pick up... there is also a start menu very stright foward... overall the controls are straight froward, there are just minor hickups

    Gameplay: 5/10
    the game IS FUN, BUT... the start menu is real time =\ so if you need a item you got to do it either mid battle of in a safe spot x.x there are a few boss's *that ive seen so far* one thing i don't like it, i have to talk to people and ask questions ~_~ to get new places to go =[

    but you can play with people via wifi on wii or DS *their the same game* so you can play with them and clear places, its a bit of fun... but its a pain to tell them anything *got to type it out like in AC ~_~* overall you can without a doubt like the game, but those menu, problems are SERIOUS *it would be another story online but offline come on =[* **also note its not that i hate it, its more there's a lot of menus and scrolling -,_-,**

    Online: 7/10
    well, when i first went online, it was ok... the person i was with was stupid =\, then the second person just wanted to talk to people, so the 3rd time i got 2 people with me ^^, one of them was stupid, and the other was GREAT, the stupid person left, and BAM me and the other person were plowing though the game with lots of fun, there is a lot of time work at parts so this made the game MUCH BETTER when i could get some help by a smart person... but its all about luck, but its without a doubt a + when you get lucky!

    Design NA/10
    the DS and the wii run the same exact game meaning the wii is using DS level graphics... because this is so you 2 can play, i will not judge it for the wii =\ but as for DS its good, next to a lot of their game

    Overall: 7/10
    if you have a DS get it, if you got a wii STRONGLY CONSIDER IF YOU WANT TO PLAY IT. its very straight froward, and real time fighting is always a perk ;3 if you played the series, i would look into it, otherwise think about it, but it is another solid game reguardless
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