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Thread: Black Exotic WII , bought faulty screen

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    Black Exotic WII , bought faulty screen

    hi members , i bought a lot the other day of 3 faulty WII's and ive been working on them most of the day.................

    there is a Black WII in the bunch and simply i turn it on and a black screen is all i get

    i have had this before in another faulty WII i bought and the Bluetooth Module was loose

    so i have reseated the Module and no luck , ive also reseated the WIFI Module and still no luck

    so i grabbed from another working WII the Bluetooth and WIFI Modules and put them in the Black WII , still no fun

    im thinking someone has tried to softmod this WII and its has bricked

    anyone know where i can go from here ?

    chat soon

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    Black Wii means no Boot2 BootMii. And likely you possess no NAND backup (coming to you second-hand). It's a parts-only unit if fully bricked.

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    hi nightstah , i definitely dont have a NAND backup..................btw ive tried holding Reset and switching on the Black WII and it wont boot into Preloader/Priiloader

    as you mentioned ' It's a parts-only unit if fully bricked. '

    are there some things i can do to detect if this thing is fully bricked ?

    im thinking if its semi bricked i may have a chance of reviving it

    btw today i got the Black WII and another WII and soldered Kynar wire to the Port 4 on both WII's so they were linked together , the purpose was to attempt to launch SaveMiiFrii.

    unfortunately it didnt work it was worth a shot though
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    I think you've already passed all the tests to determine if it's fully bricked:

    - no boot2
    - no priiloader
    - no menu on boot
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    thanks for the confirm llaffer

    ill still hang on to this Black WII who knows what devs will come up with in the future in terms of reviving a fully bricked console


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