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Thread: Adding games to UsbLoaderGX?

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    Adding games to UsbLoaderGX?

    okay so i followed the guide on ""
    but it never told me exactly how to put the games on USBLoaderGX, i have fire emblem radiant dawn installed put the iso in the flashdrive but when i plug it in the wii USBloaderGX says that there are 0 games on it i have my flashdrive set up like this "F:\games\Fire Emblem [RFEE01]\RFEE01.iso" please someone help me i dont understand what im doing wrong

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    See our FAT32 guide, linked in my signature.

    Note that games installed in \games\ are for GameCube games via Dios Mios and Devolution. Wii games are installed in \wbfs\. It will all be explained in the guide.
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