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Thread: Help. Just wanna play a backup game... ????

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    Help. Just wanna play a backup game... ????

    My favorite game to play on the wii is guitar hero 3. I have played it a lot but now it is scratched so 2 or 3 songs on the game doesn't work anymore.

    I downloaded and installed homebrew channel. All I want to do is play a backup version of Guitar Hero 3. I don't care whether I have to rip my disk and burn it to a DVD-R or use an SD card or whatever. I just wanna be able to play my game with out it locking up.

    I have read a lot on the subject but a lot of my searches end up with dead URLs so I cannot download the correct files and to be honest I am all around kinda confused on where to go from here.

    If someone could give me a working path to follow that would be great!

    Thanks in advance!


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    The first thing to do is to ask what guide you used to mod the Wii? A lot of times a bad mod will cause a game to fail to load. The second thing, if you did indeed use our guide, would be to say check this guide out:

    That should help you get things going. I found it after 30 seconds searching our forum with the search being "guitar hero 3 not working".

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    I guess I'm a tad confused...

    My game not working has nothing to do with me installing Homebrew or anything. I only put homebrew on my wii last night because I knew it would be the first step in being able to use my own burned disk copies of my game/s.

    I followed a YouTube video's instructions on how to install HomeBrew. I installed the 4.3U version using letterbomb. (This is the video I followed External Link Removed)

    I just need to know the next step or the next piece of software I need to play my burned guitar hero disk. I've heard a lot about NeoGamma, but I don't know where to download it or even if that is the correct software for me.

    I appreciate your help,
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    If your Wii is from launch to 2008ish, it can read burned disks when modded, and NeoGamma is the software that you will want to use.

    If your Wii is from 2009ish to current, then it cannot read burned disks, no matter what soft modding that you do.

    We would recommend you mod your system with our guide, Softmod Any Wii guide, which is linked in my signature. I think we give you Neogamma in the App Pack in chapter 3, but in case it doesn't, someone here may know where you can find a copy. It's not a piece of software that I use, so I can't help you find it if it isn't there.

    We would recommend you USB Load the games, which can be done with any modded system of any year. See the FAT32 guide for how to format and install content to USB drives and how to get it to work with USB Loaders.
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    It's not the installation of the Homebrew channel it's the cIOSs that have probably messed you up. YouTube guides are known to lead to issues loading game backups.

    In any case, follow lIaffer's advice and you should be all set.

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