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Thread: Trying to update from 3.2U to 4.1U error -1036

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    Trying to update from 3.2U to 4.1U error -1036

    Hello All:

    Need some help.

    Been running my Wii at 3.2u and decided to update to 4.1u. following the guide.
    Well, got an error trying to update to 4.1U. any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    3 of 3 installing RVL-WiiSystemmenu-V449.wad...
    Reading Wad Data
    Installing ticket
    Installing title
    Error: (-1036) required sysversion(IOS) is not installed.
    Try with AHBPROT mode or an IOS with the correct permissions.

    1 error occured...

    error installing rvl-wiisystemmenu-v449.wad
    (-1036) required sysversion(IOS) is not installed.


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    System Menu 4.1 uses IOS 60. Do you have IOS 60? If you're using a wad manager, what IOS or cIOS are you attempting to use when installing the one? What guide are you following, exactly? Also, if it's a wiihacks guide, why aren't you asking in the actual guide? I'm hoping you're actually following the steps as outlined...

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    Yes, I am using the wiihacks guide; but, since my wii is already soft modded, I proceeded to first update with "WiiMod-58-61_Hackmii_1.1.0" then I proceeded to chapter 2 and continued from there. My apologies, I will review again and post in the area within the guide section.

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