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Thread: GCN Classic Controller In the Works for Smash Bros U

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    GCN Classic Controller In the Works for Smash Bros U

    Nintendo has a apparently formed a partnership with PDP to creat a GameCube styled Wii Classic Controller for use with the upcoming Smash Bros U. You can find the details in the link below.

    Nintendo and PDP Partner for GCN Controller

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    I saw this earlier today actually, and I thought it was pretty cool. I bet a ton of people will be excited for this. I almost hope the game will support the horizontal Wii Remote control scheme though, it was the first and only one I used since I first got Brawl. I tried switching back to an NGC controller, but it didn't feel right for some reason, maybe if I gave it more time I could have readjusted to it.

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    I'm sure it will support just about any controller we can think of throwing at it, including the "NES controller" that is "Wii Remote Sideways".
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