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Thread: Shop Channel Freeze / Looking for Pal Wii U Tranfer Tool wad

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    Shop Channel Freeze / Looking for Pal Wii U Tranfer Tool wad

    edit : shop channel working again after updating my IOSes, problem solved.

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to transfer my purchased content from Wii to Wii U, but my Shop Channel freezes systematically (circle stops spinning a few seconds in, wiimote stops responding, cannot be synced before hard shutdown).

    I've tried updating the system to 4.3E via the official menu, reinstalled HBC with letterbomb, updated the shop to v21 through dop-mii, all to no avail.

    I'd be perfectly happy to never access the wii shop again, if I could only install a European Wii U Transfer Tool channel with wad manager, but I've only been able to find the US version so far.

    Any help is appreciated !
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    Had you not found your problem, we would have suggested (actually, probably still will suggest) that you remod your system with our guide.

    I don't recommend the use of DopMii unless there is a very specific reason to be doing so, as doing the wrong thing can damage your system.

    I think that installing all of the optional components in our guide would have also fixed your problem.

    Glad you solved your own problem. I just thought that I would add notes about DopMii use for anyone else who sees this in archive thinking "I have the same problem as this guy, he found a solution, so I should try it".

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