Recently a few friends asked me the differences between the r4i gold 3ds card the supercard dstwo, they don't know which one to buy, this post will just answer about it.

At first, let's take a looks at the two cards

r4i gold 3ds
supercard dstwo

Currently these two cards are the best flashcarts for your 3ds and ds consoles, both of them are used for playing ds games on your 3ds and ds consoles, they can work on the latest 3ds V7.2.0-17 and dsi V1.45

The differences: r4i gold 3ds card has the basic features, such as playing ds games, homebrew games, SNES games. and has very good game compatibility. it also has some other features, including real time save, cheat support. the price of r4i gold 3ds card is also much cheaper, if you want to find a cheap but good card for your 3ds or ds consoles. r4i gold 3ds is a very good one. for supercard dstwo card, this is a featured card that has some extra features than other cards, if you want to play gba games on your 3ds, supercard dstwo is the only choice. it also has real time cheat, real time save, real time menu, if you need any of them, you should buy supercard dstwo.

Both of them are very good cards though, feel free to choose any of them