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Thread: what emulators to use?

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    what emulators to use?

    Hi all. Want to see if anyone with some knowledge on this can help me. I am looking for what emulator to install and use for some old school systems. I will tell you what System and what I use, and if you think there is a better let me know. Whatever system I don't mention what I use, that is what I need the help on most to find a working and I guess best Emulator thus far.

    GB/C/A: VBA
    Genesis: Genesis Plus
    Dreamcast: ?
    N64: ?
    PS1: ?
    PS2: ?
    GC: ?

    Most inportant that I need help with is this one below.
    Arcade/MAME: ?
    Neo-Geo: ?
    Turbo Grafix: ?

    Thanks so much for whoever can help me out.

    PS. Would RetroArch be able to play MAME and NeoGeo and Turbo Grafix?

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    You're already using the best for the first few so I'll tackle the next ones.

    Dreamcast: Not possible.

    N64: use Not64 (but don't expect perfect performance)

    PS1: use WiiSX (don't expect perfect performance)

    PS2: Not possible.

    GC: You have 2 options here, I recommend Devolution as it offers audio streaming and has higher game compatibility as well as supports other controllers such as a PS3 controller.

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    ty so much you are always on top of everything ty

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    Slightly off topic I found a very well implemented Nintendo 64 emulator for android recently. Been playing ocarina of time!


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