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Thread: Dokapon Kingdom

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    Hello, I know requests are bad. But I seriously can not get this to work. I have a homebrewed wii with usb loader GX. It plays games all the time, my friends birthday is tomorrow and he kept raving about a game called Dokapon Kingdom. I found (site name removed) a download of it, but it was a bunch of compressed winrar files. Extracting those was a 4.7 GB ISO of the game. I converted that to a WBFS format for use on my NTFS external HDD. But whenever I go to play the game from usb loader it is just a black screen, and when I go to play it bounces me back to the homebrew channel. I have no clue what to do.
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    Go buy the game, problem solved.

    (PS, We do not support should've noticed that when you accepted the forum rules).

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