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    My wii is bricked, i have no priloader or any recovery method...

    Wii has bricked when i was trying to install new wii theme, I had recovery and nand, but now i cant access any... Its just black screen and i cant connect wii remote control, its fully bricked... Any help would be really appreciated!!!

    Thank you all

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    Did you have bootmii installed as boot2?

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    What system menu version is installed on the wii?

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    No... Is there any way to get my wii back?!!! :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nes_player4LIFE View Post
    What system menu version is installed on the wii?

    Version was 4.2e

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    first, you find a gamecube pad try savemii like here, then, it will run games with autoboot patch,
    try search onine, then, at least you get a chance to unbrick it, then, there is some Last chance
    unbrick disc, LCUDv3 something, burn one to run, and see if it works to unbrick yours wii.
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    Wow. How did that not get automoderated.

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