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Thread: Modchip Working Or Not?

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    Question Modchip Working Or Not?

    So here's the situation.

    I got my Wii modded by a friend using a solderless mod chip. It played burnt discs and all was well. I lost said discs whilst moving house and recently dusted off my Wii in hopes of playing it again. I burnt ISO's both for Gamecube and Wii onto a -R DVD disc yet the Wii would not read them. I run them through the disc channel, I do not have Homebrew or Neogamma and would prefer not to go through the hassle of downloading them if possible. It has not been updated before having the chip in, I think its at system update 4.2.

    I suppose that with this failure in mind, I was wondering if it is possible to just read games from an SD/USB to save me from wasting DVD discs.

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    Almost all mod chips rely on the optical (DVD) drive to play backups. So unless you have say a WiiKey Fusion, then the answer is "no." 99.9% of modchips do not feature or support USB/SD for backup purposes. Try Verbatim brand media (make sure the packing says Azo Dye) and use +R which has a higher reflective rating and is easier to read.


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