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Thread: D2C and starfall

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    Us D2C and starfall

    I have a D2B drive and have a D2Pro 9 installed. I can play games fine though it makes noice while reading the burnt games. I want to install starfall but so far i have been successfull. I have downloaded it multiple times and have followed all the guides but everytime i get error when i try to install it and it says failed!exiting.

    Can someone help me and tell me how to do it. Thanks in advance.

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    -> Noise

    - Use only quality media DVD-R (-R -R -R) not +R -> advised Verbatim or TDK
    - Burn at 2x
    - You will heard always a litte noise because is a DVD-R and not a DVD-ROM

    -> Starfall

    Are you at firmware 3.2 ? Did you allow in the utility disc of the modchip to allow all upgrades?

    PS: Also successful installation of Starfall you should block again updates in the modchip (at least only allow your region updates)

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    Thanks for the reply Vador.

    I am burning them at 2x in DVD-R, but i got the message regarding little noise.
    Firmware is 3.2U.
    I will see the utility disc of modchip to see if the upgrades were allowed or not, but i can install all other files just like gecko os. I will appreciate any other suggestions and will check in the utility disc.

    Thanks again.


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