Hey Guys, I have a serious dilema.

So I've had my Wii hacked for a while now but it's been gathering dust for a few months. Anyways, I just unboxed it again today and decided to purchase Majora's Mask from the Wii Shop Channel. I had to install an updated WAD file to get the Wii Shop channel to work as it kept saying I needed to update the Wii System Menu.

Anyway I bought 1000 Wii Points and purchased the game, the points were deducted but then an error popped up: Error code 204036. I tried again with a reformatted SD Card, and also tried installing onto the Wii Console itself but no luck in getting it installed. Always the same error.

Now I don't pirate any games these days as I just don't feel it morally right (In fact that's why I decided to buy this game), but in the past I believe I had installed a hacked version of this game using WAD Manager. As that was a long time ago, I have no idea how I uninstalled it and whether any remnants were left behind.

I read a post on another forum somewhere where people said that remnants may have been left behind to cause that error to appear. The OP resolved that by doing a format of his Wii Console. I can't do that because I have a custom Wii Menu Theme installed and have no idea how to safely uninstall it...I really regret messing with the System Menu.

Anyway the news gets worse. I decided to try using anytitledeleter to see if any remnants were left behind. I saw the ID NARP Unknown installed and from the geckocodes website found out that was the MM ID. I assumed this was the hacked one, in fact when I clicked to remove it it said it was "fakesigned" which led me to believe it was an old wad installed version.

Of course...after installing it and going back into the Wii Shop Channel to my surprise thinking everything would be fine, the game insists it hasn't been purchased and asks me to buy it for another 1000 Wii Points. However when I go into the Downloaded Content section of the Shop CHannel it says my 1000 points were deducted for Majora's Mask.

I guess that's what I get for pirating games in the past...but does anyone know if I can reinstall this ticket somehow or have I wasted $15?

My guess as to what's happend is that the Shopping Channel has seen this ticket already installed and hasn't bothered to replace it and the old fakesigned one has remained...but then I wonder how the shopping channel knew I had bought it and allowed me to click download. Either way, it thinks I haven't bought it now and I can't redownload it.

Or maybe something is amiss with the shopping channel itself and had it been installed properly and had I not uninstalled that ticket Majora's Mask may have installed perfectly fine.

Wii Console is 4.2E btw

Thanks in Advance!,