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Thread: Wii U Wii mode Region free

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    Wii U Wii mode Region free

    Hi! I wan't to know if i can make my Wii mode region free to play some PAL VC games. There is this thing called Start Patcher. Does it work on Wii mode? Thanks for your time!

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    Do not use startpatch.

    Any one of the usb loaders can be used to play out of region games. Just go to the game settings in the loader and force the video to your region.

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    I play my games with discs. Also, i'm talking about virtual console games not Wii games.

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    How do you get VC games from other regions? My Wii and Wii U will only let me access the shop for my own region.

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    Haha. I just used Wad manager! so about the Virtual Console PAL games to make them region free...
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