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Thread: r4i-sdhc 3ds flashcart new firmware V1.79b released

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    r4i-sdhc 3ds flashcart new firmware V1.79b released

    Today the r4i sdhc 3ds official site has released the new kernel for r4i-sdhc 3ds flashcart, they updated the firmware to V1.79b check the chanelog below

    Download: r4i sdhc 3ds V1.79b

    Make sure the card is this one so you can use this firmware

    if your card is not this one, please do not use this kernel, use the kernel for your card.

    R4i V1.79b Update:
    1. Fix some RTS games white screen issues.
    2. Fix some RTS games hang issues.
    3. Fix some RTS games problem.

    4. Solved games:
    XXXX - Gauntlet (US)
    XXXX - Gauntlet (EU)
    6290 - Transformers - Ultimate Autobots Edition (US)
    6291 - Transformers - Ultimate Autobots Edition (EU)
    XXXX - Akumajou Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth(CN)
    XXXX - Professor Layton en de Melodie van het Spook(CN)
    XXXX - Kingdom Hearts(CN)
    XXXX - Dementium2(CN)
    XXXX - Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (JP)
    XXXX - Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 (EU)
    5. Solved RTS games:
    6304 - Bob the Builder Festival of Fun (EU)
    6278 - Finding Nemo - Escape To The Big Blue - Special Edition (US)
    6274 - Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst (GE)
    6263 - My Virtual Tutor - Reading - First Grade to Second Grade (US)
    6262 - My Virtual Tutor - Reading - Kindergarten to First Grade (US)
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    already updated, thanks for the news

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