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Thread: the spammers...

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    the spammers...

    to put it simply, their just some simple people whom want me to say sorry... because i didnt respect a Admin of their site...

    the topic is located here

    i think anyone on this site, can tell the issue, and solve this, which is QUITE HIGH PROOF "fae" put in zero effort in solving their own problem, since it violates what our site is about... i did disable Fae's posts to which i got that hate message mention in the about reading room topic

    since then, and "till i say im sorry" their gonna be spamming our site, via proxies and other such tools

    their site "" which i dont care if you do anything or not, but personally i dont recommend lowering ourself to their level will be doing so...

    reguardless if a Admin of a server site, cant figure out homebrew thats not a good server XD but it makes the people whom did it look better so go you!

    i did talk to them, but they dont seem to care, if youre intrested MOST of the convo i had with them is includeded
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    What a bunch of little girls. They think they are something because they can spam a site? I could have whatever BS site they've got turned inside out and tossed in the trash. Guys from CMG over at DVSFTA would enjoy something like this.


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    hmph spammers wat useless people if u spammers read this well u don't wanna find out the consequences you'll face against me this site is awesome, destroy it u spammers won't be runing a CPU anytime in your lifetime u human spammers will rot.this site shall be protected I'll find a way to help admiral don't worry.

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    that goofy looking hooker likes to use the "epic fail" saying(yeah the one that's been around for around 5 years now). what the hell is rune scape?

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    a really crappy mmo, thats old as hell =P its free, and people can sell Gold for cash so a lot of people played/play it

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    kinda sounds like its both ur guys faults
    33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 333333333333333

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    Quote Originally Posted by jora-hera View Post
    kinda sounds like its both ur guys faults
    a person cant figure out why they cant install Homebrew without Twilight princess, and cant figure out if its important... so they ask, thus showing no effort, thus violating our no spoon feeding guidelines of sorts *its posted in the announcements of the FAQ section saying we can/will ban/RR anyone whom wants to be spoon fed*

    = my fault?

    but them spamming our forum, because i was doing my job = My fault + somewhat theirs?


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