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Thread: what is the best 3ds flashcard now for playing 3ds games on 3ds/3ds xl console

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    what is the best 3ds flashcard now for playing 3ds games on 3ds/3ds xl console

    Hi, guys, Have been left for a while and now come back.

    During the past few months, the 3ds flashcart has changed a lot, a few new cards came out and can play 3ds games on your 3ds or 3ds xl console. (But only for working on V4.1 to V4.5 firmware) this post will just help you choose the correct one.

    If your 3ds/3ds xl firmware is within V4.1 to V4.5 and want to play 3ds games, this is the right place for you.

    Currently i would only recommend two cards for you, mt card or gateway 3ds

    gateway 3ds card is the first card that support 3ds games on 3ds console. mt card is the first card that support multi rom features.

    currently both of them can play 3ds games on V4.1 to V4.5 3ds, both of them have the mutl rom feature. i personally recommend you buy mt card more though gateway looks better on most forums, but from my source, mt card has better tech support and will be always upgradable through the usb. but gateway need to change to another new card in future for more features. but the info is just from our suppliers, factories. need to wait until confirmed.

    any way, currently you can buy any of them. i have tested them both for a lot of times.

    check more info about them here

    gateway 3ds:

    mt card:
    Do yourself a favor, don't buy crappy flashcarts.

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    When I was looking to get a 3ds flashcard, MT-card seemed to be the best bet. I have not been disappointed.

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    some guys i know in my country use the Gateway cart

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