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Thread: Should I update Homebrew Channel and System Menu?

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    Should I update Homebrew Channel and System Menu?


    I'm new here and looking forward to the great resources for the Wii.

    I have softmodded my Wii about 5 years ago and haven't touched it till today.

    4.1u System Menu
    1.0.5 Homebrew

    I know most will think my system is long overdue for an update, but was wondering, other than the version changes, is there any reason for me to update? I have heard staying a certain versions (for example my colleague told me he favors 4.0u) has its benefits.

    Any feedback or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    4.1 is best. Only difference between that and 4.0 was a minor bug fix for MarioKart.

    Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide, link is below in my sig. That will get your mod up to date.

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    the Softmod guide is really helpful
    a very straight forward way to update your homebrew
    and install all the needed channels


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