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Thread: Can I use a PSP as a SD flash card reader?

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    Question Can I use a PSP as a SD flash card reader?

    I don't have a SD card reader just my PSP. What I want to do is format the card, then boot the PSP in bios mode (its hacked) to delete the PSP stuff and add all the Wii stuff for downgrading/homebrew channeling. Would that setup work and still be safe for the Wii?

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    you need a actual SD card, or a Micro sd with adaptor

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    Opps sorry I din't understand that SD flash card is different than a Memory Stick Duo for PSPs. I thougth SD was for Stick Duo but its really for...SD?
    Thanks I was starting to break the Wii by inserting the stick duo and saying to myself "this is junk not working even the hole is too big" and removing it with pliers.

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