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Thread: Wii Softmod gone wrong: No WiiMote or Internet

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    Question Wii Softmod gone wrong: No WiiMote or Internet

    So I made the mistake of reading many outdated guides and youtube videos. I have made a mistae some where, but I do not know how to fix this.

    Here is some info on my problem:

    Boots to BootMii (Boot2?)
    Originally hacked with Letterbomb

    I did a lot of things to get to this point. I know i did something with a “FakeSign”. At one point the HBC was upside down (fixed that). And since then, I have to use a GC controller in anything HB related. The Wiimotes will not connect in HB. I also remember at some point installing a Stubbed IOS.

    HBC shows wifi (solid white)

    When loading HBC through Wii Menu, Wiimote works, until you load an app
    When HBC is loaded through BootMii, Wiimotes do not work

    Dop-Mii V16
    Code dump after pressing “A”

    HBB V0.3.3
    Gets stuck at “Waiting for network to initialise”

    d2X cIOS Installer v3.1
    Code Dumps less than a second after the splash screen

    Wii Mod 3.2
    boots with “failed to get title”
    Says current IOS: 60 V6400
    AHBPROT Enabled
    When trying to remove stub IOS, get a message that Nand permission is required
    When updating all IOSs, it can’t find the files (they are on both the SD and USB drive)
    Wad Manager, Source is SD, Mounts ok, failed to diropen sd:/

    When exiting an app, it says returning to loader, but never does

    Any help? I assume I corrupted or installed a wrong IOS. But I don’t know how to reload them with the above errors. Anything to get me in the correct direction would be appreciated.

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    Do a complete reset on your Wii remotes. Hold in the sync button on your Wii for 20 seconds at the health and safety screen, then sync your remotes again using the red sync buttons. After that, follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide linked below in my sig in its entirety. It will overwrite the fail in your old mod attempt.

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    then once you get that to work, check out the Softmod Any Wii guide linked in my signature. Do a full install when you get to chapter two. Everything that says it's optional, install anyway. Sounds like you've done a doozy to that system of yours. That should clean it up.

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    So I have been trying to follow you instructions as well as I can.
    I reset and resynched my Wiimotes.
    I got a new 2GB SD card (was using a micro adapter before).
    Setup Letterbomb, unchecking the "Bundle Hackmii installer" and using the correct region.
    Put the Hackmii installer's boot.elf in the root of the SD.
    Booted the Wii, loaded the letterbomb. When it got to the "Press 1" screen in Hackmii, my wiimote was connected, but I could not get it to go past that screen.
    I decided to try my GC controller. I was able to get past that screen.
    The next screen says there are no vulnerabilities and to "suck it"

    Anything else I can do?

    Got it working! This guide got me back on track:
    Then I followed your guide from Chapter 2 on.

    Thanks so much for putting this info together and supporting us/me!!!
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