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Thread: my wii bricked suddenly was perfectly okay the day before

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    Exclamation my wii bricked suddenly was perfectly okay the day before

    my wii bricked suddenly today. power button takes a few times before turning yellow.
    after it powers on, i see a flicker of flash and then black screen.

    i turned the power off and then restarted it again and it got to the multi mod manager screen but then i couldnt get my wii mote to work. i am at a loss. appreciate any kind of advice and help to fix it.

    read on several forums that it could possibly due to a faulty bluetooth module or even wifi module. but i am have a feeling it could just be a corrupt file or bootmi.

    if it's gonna help the last thing i did the night before was played some videos on mplayer ce and then i shutdown from homebrew straight. my wii mote batt was kinda dying though.

    thanks for reading all!

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    Sounds like the Bluetooth or Wifi chip, if you didn't modify Bootmii or an IOS before the problem occurred then it's very unlikely that you have a corrupt file.
    Do you have a Bootmii NAND backup?

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    i actually got this wii from a friend just recently and every hack or programs in there were already pre added or altered by him. so fair to say i have no clue what a nand backup is? i may need detailed explanations thanks!

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    Okay, I would first look into replacing the BT and/or Wifi components, next I would re-hack the system and backup the NAND.

    Please take my advice with utmost discretion as I have very little experience with recovering wii systems.
    The last system that I bricked(?) had the same symptoms and I was told by Maulfrog to replace the Bluetooth.

    Once you have the system operating again re-hack it using the guide found within me signature.

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    so i take it that your wii was fixed after replacing your bluetooth right.
    i will attempt to fix mine once i get my hands on the said components hopefully asap. i will try to update you on my progress. hope you wont mind me checking back with you now and then to get more advice
    thanks again NES!

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    No, I have not yet replaced the Bluetooth, do to the lack of time and effort on my behalf.

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