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Thread: SD Card Menu

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    SD Card Menu

    is there a way or maybe a homebrew program that will allow you to automatically arrange wiiware on the sd card menu in alphabetical order? I know it can be done manually by pressing A plus B and dragging icons around thru out the 20 screens....but I have 7 screens full of wiiware which would be a mess to do and then when I add another game it would have to be manually moved to correct place which would involve many other moves...I explored trying to find the wiiware on the sd card but can not find them and don't even know if they can be arranged on the sd card so they are in alphabetical order when activation the SD card Menu screens.

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    I don't think so. Nintendo isn't too smart enough to insert Sort by... function. But you can experiment with loc.dat . I always had a mishmash i my system menu. But, I always known where what is.


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