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Thread: Does hard mod breaks the NTSC and PAL region restrictions?

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    Does hard mod breaks the NTSC and PAL region restrictions?

    I have a wii bought a long time ago in California, then I got it hard modded in Asia. After the hard mod, I notice that in addition to my original English weather and news channels, there were now the japanese version of the weather and news channels as well.

    I was wondering, since I'm seeing those japanese channels, is it possible that the hard mod has enabled my Wii to also read PAL disks? I have none so I could not try.

    Any information on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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    I haven't played with hard mods but I would say it is possible. With Softmods we have something called "Priiloader" which we can use to remove the region lock, I would imagine hard chips have someway of doing so as well.

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